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400 clinical, commissioning & business modules
Pulse Learning’s CPD is written specifically for GPs, so our modules are all highly relevant to your day-to-day consultations. With this many topics on offer you can always find the right modules to match your learning needs and PDP
15 or more new modules added every month 
There’s new information going up all the time, so you stay on top of the latest guidelines and hot topics. Plus the variety of new material gives you plenty of inspiration for your next PDP
Interactive CPD log 
We automatically record your progress, let you upload useful documents and give you tips on doubling your credits. Just print or email your CPD log for a hassle-free appraisal
Premium members also have exclusive access to our case-based, video and picture modules, and also receive special discounts on Pulse events and seminars.
“Pulse CPD is excellent – and my appraiser thought so too”  - Dr Thomas Craig

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