50 PDP ideas


Having trouble getting ideas to propose to your appraiser for your next PDP? Use our PDP top 50 list to inspire you.


Just pick the areas which you think will help you develop your particular knowledge or skills requirements – then use the links to find quality material to fulfil your PDP needs over the year. Remember your CPD log will record your learning activity and allows you to upload documents – like patient case studies and audits - to show evidence of the impact of a CPD module in order to claim double impact CPD credits.

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Clarify which patients need an adrenaline autoinjector and update management of anaphylaxis

CPD module: Anaphylaxis




Update yourself on the new NICE cancer guidelines

CPD module: Key questions LIVE: NICE cancer guidelines



The 2014 guidance on lipid modification

Understand the relevance and management of raised triglycerides 

Learn the criteria for familial hypercholesterolemia 

CPD module: Hot topics in hyperlipidaemia



Atrial fibrillation

The latest in atrial fibrillation - evidence base for the NOACs, plus how to use the CHA2DS2-VASc score in combination with HAS-BLED

CPD module: Guideline debrief: atrial fibrillation



Learn and apply the Well’s score in the diagnosis of possible DVT 

CPD module: Hot topics in venous thromboembolism




A novel approach to eczema management

CPD module: Key questions on eczema

Ear, nose and throat

Otitis externa in patients with hearing aids, and differentiating between Meniere's, vestibular neuronitis and vertigo

CPD module: Challenges in ENT




Establishing a diagnosis, plus drug treatment and red flags in vertigo

CPD module: Key questions on vertigo



Update on the appropriate treatment of overt and subclinical hypothyroidism

CPD module: Hypothyroidism


Fatty liver disease

Review the diagnosis and management of constipation in children

CPD module: Constipation in children


Understand the current evidence-based dietary recommendations in IBS, plus how to use faecal calprotectin 

CPD module: Key questions on IBS


Men's health

Learn the usefulness of the International Prostate Symptom Score

CPD module: Hot topics in men's health


Mental health

Compare your approach to diagnosis and management of eating disorders with that of a specialist in our new module format

CPD module: Case-by-case: eating disorders



Managing anxiety disorders in primary care, including useful apps to recommend to your patients 

CPD module: Key questions on anxiety disorders



Musculoskeletal medicine



A comprehensive guide to lower limb musculoskeletal disorders

CPD module: Hot topics in lower limb musculoskeletal disorders




Using FRAX to assess fracture risk, when a bone mineral density measurement is required, and DXA scanning intervals.

CPD module: Hot topics in osteoporosis



Clinical casebook: Inflammatory arthritis

Review the monitoring required for DMARDs

CPD module: Inflammatory arthritis



Develop a store of self-help information for patients with osteoarthritis 

CPD module: Clinical casebook: osteoarthritis



Learn evidence-based lifestyle advice in gout 

CPD module: Gout




Managing dizziness in primary care

CPD module: Challenges in neurology



Stroke and transient ischaemic attack

Learn the role of topiramate in headache prophylaxis

CPD module: Hot topics in headache



Refresh your knowledge on the basic neurological exam 

CPD module: Five minute neurological examination






Refine your treatment for xanthelasma

CPD module: Clinical casebook: ophthalmology


Practice business and finance


Right referral: Ophthalmology

Get on top of what you need to pass your CQC inspection

CPD module: CQC survival guide part 1: ensuring your services are safe


Renal medicine
Non-visible haematuria

Understand the new way of classifying CKD

CPD Module: Guideline debrief: CKD


Asthma in adults

Review the management of COPD

CPD module: COPD



Review the evidence for the use of antibiotics in LRTIs

CPD module: Key questions on LRTIs



Women's health
Key questions on managing the menopause

Learn about the various LARC options, including a new IUS

CPD module: LARC



Understand the approach of 'quick starting' contraception 

CPD module: Hormonal contraception: pills, patches and rings



Watch advice on how you can implement the NICE heavy menstrual bleeding quality standards into practice

CPD module: Heavy menstrual bleeding - the quality standards


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