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Our Premium CPD modules have received over 30,000 positive reviews from GPs 


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Premium membership

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A year's Premium membership is just £79 +VAT. Don’t forget, this is a legitimate tax-deductible expense for GPs. So the true cost to you is significantly less (especially if you are a higher-rate taxpayer).


What makes our CPD different?


  • Our 600+ hours' worth of CPD are all written for general practice, so there's no wading through to find what's relevant.
  • Your patients aren't texbook so nor is our CPD. We provide you with practical modules where you learn from real patient scenarios and case histories.
  • As well as hundreds of clinical topics, we also offer a range of practice business modules, helping practices improve QOF acheivement and maximise income
  • We automatically record your progress in an interactive CPD log that's compatible with Appraisal Toolkit and RCGP Revalidation E-Portfolio.
  • Save £100 on your next Pulse recruitment advert and get exlusive discounts on Pulse clinical seminars (where you can claim more CPD credits)


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