Other Sexual health modules

Key questions on STIs (1.5 CPD hours)

Challenges in sexual health (1.5 CPD hours)


Key questions on vaginal discharge

Dr Olwen Jones on whether self-taken genital swabs are acceptable in teenagers, speculum examinations in pregnancy and treating recurrent thrush

1.5 CPD hours

Clinical casebook: hypertension

Consultant cardiologist Dr Angus Nightingale and clinical research fellow Dr Thomas Hinton on blood pressure monitoring, contraindications to general anaesthesia and what blood pressure targets GPs should be aiming for.

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Video module - Premium

Recognising and referring signs of sepsis

Dr Simon Stockley advises on key warning signs for sepsis and referring cases to secondary care

1 CPD hour

Key questions on infertility

Module summary
Consultant in reproductive medicine Professor Geeta Nargund answers Dr Julian Spinks’ questions on diagnosing and treating causes of infertility
Learning objectives

This module will update you on:

  • How to narrow down the causes of infertility
  • Useful investigations for couples with fertility issues
  • Lifestyle changes to improve the chances of conception
  • Treatment options for anovulatory cycles

Professor Geeta Nargund is lead consultant in reproductive medicine at St George’s Hospital NHS Trust, and is Medical Director at CREATE Fertility.

Conflict of interest: CREATE Fertility is an independent company providing both NHS and self-funded IVF treatment.


Dr Julian Spinks is a GP in Strood, Kent

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1.5 CPD hours
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3 CPD hours
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