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Case-Based Learning

Guideline debrief: chronic kidney disease

Module summary

This interactive, case-based learning module covers the GP-relevant sections of the 2014 NICE guidance on the diagnosis and management of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in adults using three typical primary care case histories.

Learning objectives

To improve your understanding of the NICE guidance on the diagnosis and management of CKD, including:

  • The criteria for a diagnosis of CKD
  • When to use an assay of cystatin C in the diagnosis of CKD
  • How to quantify proteinuria
  • What a diagnosis of CKD means for the patient
  • How to use ACE inhibitors and ARBs safely in CKD
  • How to manage hypertension in CKD
  • When to refer a patient for a specialist opinion

In this interactive module, you will learn as you work through real-life primary care patient scenarios. You will be assessed before starting the module and again at the end, to gauge how your knowledge has improved.

You don't have to complete the whole module in one sitting. You can break off at any point mid-module and pick up again where you left off by pressing the Resume Module button alongside the module title in your Pulse Learning CPD log.


Dr Robert Lewis is a consultant nephrologist at the Wessex Kidney Centre, based at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth. He is also consultant nephrologist at St Richards Hospital, Chichester and honorary senior lecturer at the academic department of renal medicine, University of Portsmouth. He was a member of the development group for the 2014 NICE guideline on the management of CKD.

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