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Five minute neurological examination

Module summary

Dr Giles Elrington, consultant neurologist, guides you through a quick and structured neurological examination for use in general practice.

Learning objectives

This module will guide you through a neurological examination in general practice, including:

  • A suggested brief exam for your consultations
  • How to examine the cranial nerves, central and peripheral nervous system 
  • Physical signs to look out for in specific clinical scenarios, such as acute headache and Bell's palsy
Dr Giles Elrington is a consultant neurologist at Bart’s and The London NHS Trust, London, and at the National Migraine Centre.
Date module published
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Suggested number of CPD credits
Completing this module will earn you a certificate for a suggested
1 CPD hour
By showing evidence of impact you could double that to
2 CPD hours
What other GPs said after completing this module
nice,simple little presentation;practical and realistic for GPs
Patrick Mark Mcevoy
good precise and concise relevant for general practice.
Huchappa Muralidhara
Very good guide.
Roderick McDonald
Very informative.
Alan Cuthbert
useful fast neuro exam
Ramona Mascas