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Altered LFTs – what to do? (1 CPD hour)

Key questions on irritable bowel syndrome (1.5 CPD hours)

Case-Based Learning


This case-based module will guide you through the latest evidence in the diagnosis and management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

2 CPD hours

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Dr Maria Leandro, consultant rheumatologist, on precipitants of rheumatoid arthritis, differential diagnoses and the role of biologics

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Top tips on improving GI referrals: a video module

Module summary
Dr John O’Malley - GP and hospital practitioner in gastroenterology - on how to make better, though not necessarily fewer - referrals to GI.
Learning objectives

To provide advice on fine-tuning gastreoentereology referrals including:

  • which patients to refer- and which not to - for oesophagogastroduodenoscopy
  • The rarity of upper GI cancers in patients under 55 without red flags
  • How to spot rebound hyperacidity in patients who have stopped taking a PPI and so avoid a referral
  • How non-alcoholic fatty liver disease can be managed in primary care
  • The treatment of IBD

Dr O'Malley gave this talk at Pulse Live which took place in May 2013. 

The powerpoint slides will cycle through automatically as the video plays, but if you are interested in a particular aspect of the presentation, use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen to navigate through the slides, simply click on the slide you are interested in and you will be taken to the relevant part of the video.

After viewing the video, you will complete a multiple-choice assessment to test the knowledge you have gained. You will then have the opportunity to record your personal learning points and claim your CPD credits, which will be recorded on a certificate stored automatically in your Pulse Learning CPD log

Expert speaker

Dr John O’Malley is a GP,  hospital practitioner in gastroenterology and medical director of Mastercall Healthcare

Date module published
Module due for review
Suggested number of CPD credits
Completing this module will earn you a certificate for a suggested
1 CPD hour
By showing evidence of impact you could double that to
2 CPD hours
What other GPs said after completing this module
fantastic lecture and thought provoking
Gerard Austin
Useful and practical tips.
Speaker seemed to be judgemental.
Rakesh Choudhary
very useful
Catharina De Villiers
It was full of useful information and expertise, but the topics were a bit all over the place and difficult to follow at times.
Theshanka Amarasinghe
useful module
Claire Campbell