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Case-Based Learning


This case-based module will guide you through the latest evidence in the diagnosis and management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

2 CPD hours

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Dr Maria Leandro, consultant rheumatologist, on precipitants of rheumatoid arthritis, differential diagnoses and the role of biologics

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Key questions on coeliac disease

Module summary

Professor David Sanders and Dr Michelle Shui Yee Lau on late presentation, who should be screened and prescribing gluten-free food

Learning objectives

This module will update you on key aspects of coeliac disease, including:

  • Why so many cases of coeliac disease are diagnosed later in life
  • Which patients should have which blood tests
  • Which patients groups should be screened for coeliac disease
  • How GPs should be monitoring and reviewing coeliac patients

Dr Michelle Shui Yee Lau is clinical research fellow in gastroenterology, and Professor David Surendran Sanders is a consultant gastroenterologist at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield

Conflicts declared: Professor Sanders has received educational research grants from Dr Schaer (a manufacturer of gluten-free foods) and Tillotts Pharma (producer of a point-of-care test for coeliac disease) for investigator-led studies.
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1.5 CPD hours
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3 CPD hours
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question on HLA tough as wasn't mentioned in the module
Tamsin Ousey
This module on coeliac disease is appropriate for a busy gp
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Very interesting and definitely useful. Also very topical.
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Very useful and detailed
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Very interesting module with important highlights
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