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Video module - Premium

10-minute examination - vertigo consultation: part 2

Module summary
GPSI in ENT Dr Steve Brown presents the second half of a real consultation of a patient presenting with symptoms of dizziness.
Learning objectives

This video module will guide you through:

  • The Dix Hallpike test 
  • When to not perform vertigo assessments on patients
  • The Epley manoeuvre

After watching this video, you will be asked to record your learning points and some action points to earn a suggested 0.5 CPD credit.

Dr Steve Brown is a GPSI in ENT in Buckinghamshire.
Date module published
Module due for review
Suggested number of CPD credits
Completing this module will earn you a certificate for a suggested
0.5 CPD hours
By showing evidence of impact you could double that to
1 CPD hour
What other GPs said after completing this module
Olujide Soremi
Good explanation
The camera could have been repositioned to show the head movements better
Marianne Jackson
Very useful demonstration of how to perform Epley manoeuvre.
Rakesh Raja
Very informative
Raj Sinha
very good
Somaya Saddik