Case by case: back pain

Dr Adam Woo on red flags for spinal pathology, managing medications for back pain and screening tools for primary care

1.5 CPD hours

Ten ways to tempt trainees or new GPs into partnership

Dr Heather Ryan suggests how practices can attract GPs to join as partners during or just after training

1 CPD hour

Key questions on eating disorders

Dr Dominique Thompson on diagnostic criteria for anorexia, managing ‘borderline’ cases and investigations in bulimic patients

1 CPD hour

Key questions on thyroid disease

Module summary
Dr Anh Tran, GP with interest in endocrinology, answers questions from GP Dr Julian Spinks on referral for thyroid swellings, levothyroxine dose for hypothyroidism, and investigating hyperthyroidism
Learning objectives

This module will update you on thyroid disease, including:

  • Investigations for thyroid swelling that can be carried out in primary care
  • Target levels for T4 and TSH
  • Whether to start treatment before referring to secondary care
  • Managing medications in pregnant women

Dr Anh Tran is a GP with interest in endocrinology and diabetes in Surrey and is a member of the British Thyroid Association (BTA) and Foundation (BTF) and Society for Endocrinology (SfE). Author of 6 studies on endocrine disorders in primary care, including 4 on hyper and hypothyroidism, presented at the annual Society for endocrinology BES annual conferences during 2009 – 2016. She has given presentations on endocrine disorders in primary care for BMJ Masterclasses GP update and at the 2016 Primary Care Public Health annual conference.

Dr Tran would like to thank:

Dr Steve Hyer, Consultant Physician in Diabetes and Endocrinology at St Helier Hospital and Honorary Senior Lecturer at St Georges' Hospital, for his help in the writing of this article.

The British Thyroid Foundation for their kind support with the clinical studies on hypothyroidism and in the preparation of this article. 

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