Key questions on HIV

Genitourinary medicine and infectious disease specialists Dr Sarah Cochrane and Dr Begoña Bovill discuss presentations of HIV in primary care, pre-test counselling and palliative care for AIDS.

1.5 CPD hours
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Management of abnormal TFTs

Dr Teng-Teng Chung, consultant endocrinologist, discusses hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism

1 CPD hour

Case by case: osteoarthritis

Dr Jens Foell presents five different osteoarthritis cases and gives advice on how to manage each patient.

1.5 CPD hours
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Managing syncope

Module summary
Consultant cardiac electrophysiologist Dr Matt Wright discusses history taking for transient loss of consciousness, interpeting ECGs and helping patients manage syncope in their day to day lives.
Learning objectives

This module will update your knowledge of syncope, including:

  • Familial factors to look out for in the history
  • Interpreting ECGs in the context of T-LOC
  • When to pace
  • First-line management options
Expert speaker
Dr Matthew Wright is a consultant cardiac electrophysiologist at St. Thomas' hospital and an honorary senior lecturer at King's College London
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1 CPD hour
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2 CPD hours
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