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Managing food allergy in children

Module summary

This module will update you on recent developments surrounding GP diagnosis, investigation and management of food allergy in children using a variety of typical case studies.

Learning objectives

To provide an understanding of:

  • Presentation of IgE- and non-IgE-mediated food allergy in children
  • Appropriate investigations for food allergy in children
  • Referral strategies for children with food allergy
  • Management of cow’s milk protein allergy



Dr Joanne Walsh is a GP at Castle Partnership, Norwich and was a member of the NICE guideline development group for the food allergy in children guidelines.

This module has been developed by Pulse Learning’s team of medical writers and editors, and peer reviewed by our GP advisers. It was first published in January 2013, but was revised and updated in December 2014 by Dr Joanne Walsh to incorporate new guidance, research and changes to therapy.

Date module published
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1.5 CPD hours
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3 CPD hours
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